Dump DOMA By: Joe Oliveto

For those of you that don’t know, DOMA stands for Defense of Marriage Act.  This is an act that was passed by the United States on September 21st, 1996.  This act prevents states from recognizing same-sex marriage as legal.  This applies even if every other state makes it legal.  Basically, with this act in place, same sex marriage could NEVER be completely legal in the United States.

This act actually goes deeper than just keeping same sex marriage illegal.  This act can also prevent same sex married couples from getting certain marriage benefits.  So, even if they are married, they are denied the marital benefits that some straight couples get. In the case of United States Vs. Windsor, this act was declared unconstitutional, yet it still remains a law.  The Obama administration declared that they would try to put an end to the unfair act.

People all around the country feel that DOMA is unjust, Read these letters:



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