“Army Shows Women No Slack at Elite Army Ranger Qualifiers”

By: Rob McCartney

Unlike the FDNY, the US army isn’t making things easier for women. All physical standards and requirements are being upheld for all soldiers. Both women and men must complete the training in this elite ranger school.

Women are underrepresented in the US military. If our military is supposed to portray our country’s strength and beliefs, women should be included. On the battlefield, gender or sex doesn’t matter, only ability and skill. The standard should not be changed just to allow more women in. Everyone must meet the same standard and earn their place in this elite group.

Hopefully this news will encourage more women to join the US military and support their country. While it may start off slow, maybe someday men and women will be equally represented in the military. We must keep moving forward to promote equality and equal opportunity among sexes.



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