“Creep” shamed on Facebook was actually man taking selfie with Darth Vader

By: Rob McCartney

I found this article to be an interesting read just because of how out of control things became due to a misunderstanding. A father who was taking a selfie with a cardboard cut out was instead perceived as taking a photo of two unattended children. The entire store is an unnecessary mess that could have been avoided by simply asking questions instead of assuming things.

The mother of said children decided to trust her children’s version of the story, rather than ask the man who was still nearby. Instead of asking him what really happened, she instantly assumed he was to blame in this scenario. She then went on to post about him on Facebook and warn others about this “dangerous” man.

For far too long, men have always been seen as dangerous and untrustworthy around children. People will instantly form their own ideas and theories as to what he’s doing rather than actually take the time to ask him. The mother in this story had absolutely no faith in this stranger and instead adopted her own idea that he was a creep who was photographing her children. Men should not have to constantly worry that other people might misinterpret their actions and words while in public.



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