“Army Shows Women No Slack at Elite Army Ranger Qualifiers”

By: Rob McCartney

Unlike the FDNY, the US army isn’t making things easier for women. All physical standards and requirements are being upheld for all soldiers. Both women and men must complete the training in this elite ranger school.

Women are underrepresented in the US military. If our military is supposed to portray our country’s strength and beliefs, women should be included. On the battlefield, gender or sex doesn’t matter, only ability and skill. The standard should not be changed just to allow more women in. Everyone must meet the same standard and earn their place in this elite group.

Hopefully this news will encourage more women to join the US military and support their country. While it may start off slow, maybe someday men and women will be equally represented in the military. We must keep moving forward to promote equality and equal opportunity among sexes.



“92% of Married Women in Egypt Have Undergone Female Genital Mutilation”

By: Rob McCartney

In a recent announcement, the Egyptian Minister of Health stated that 92% of Egyptian women have undergone genital mutilation. This fact alone is revolting, but it gets even worse. A majority of women in Egypt fall victim to this process between the ages of nine and twelve. And if that wasn’t bad enough on its own, only 31% of those operations are preformed by licensed doctors.

This entire article is difficult to read because of how cruel and disgusting the whole concept is. They see it as part of their culture and think its okay. Even some women claim to favor the operation because of their religious teachings. Although there are many who oppose this act, their numbers are not strong enough to change the belief of an entire country.

If this situation is to be fixed, it has to come from some outside force. Female genital mutilation is against the law in Egypt, yet it still occurs because of culture and religion. At this point, it’s out of the government’s control. Some outside group promoting women’s rights may be the only solution to this issue. It’s disheartening to hear that these kinds of barbaric and cruel acts can still happen in our world in 2015.


“Creep” shamed on Facebook was actually man taking selfie with Darth Vader

By: Rob McCartney

I found this article to be an interesting read just because of how out of control things became due to a misunderstanding. A father who was taking a selfie with a cardboard cut out was instead perceived as taking a photo of two unattended children. The entire store is an unnecessary mess that could have been avoided by simply asking questions instead of assuming things.

The mother of said children decided to trust her children’s version of the story, rather than ask the man who was still nearby. Instead of asking him what really happened, she instantly assumed he was to blame in this scenario. She then went on to post about him on Facebook and warn others about this “dangerous” man.

For far too long, men have always been seen as dangerous and untrustworthy around children. People will instantly form their own ideas and theories as to what he’s doing rather than actually take the time to ask him. The mother in this story had absolutely no faith in this stranger and instead adopted her own idea that he was a creep who was photographing her children. Men should not have to constantly worry that other people might misinterpret their actions and words while in public.


“Same-sex marriage license ban bill dies in Texas legislature”

By: Rob McCartney

A Texas bill that would have prevented officials from issuing marriage licenses to gay couples has failed. Thanks to the work of several gay rights groups, the bill was delayed and was unable to continue through the Texas legal system.

This is yet another example of people banding together for the common goal of equality and helping to shape the future of America. It has happened in many other states before, and will continue until same-sex marriage is legal throughout the US. It’s truly wonderful to be able to witness such a controversial topic work its way throughout the US and change the future of it’s people.

Additionally, the Supreme Court will soon be voting on whether gay couples have a constitutional right to marriage or if each state should decide for itself. Hopefully the Supreme Court will make the right decision and acknowledge marriage between two people regardless of sex or gender.


“Woman to become NY firefighter despite failing crucial fitness test”

By: Rob McCartney

There’s been some recent controversy over the FDNY’s decision to allow Rebecca Wax to become a firefighter despite her inadequate physical fitness. Many FDNY members are angry with this decision, and rightfully so. Any firefighter that is out saving the lives of others and putting their own on the line should meet the standards for the position. Wax’s high academic skills allowed her to graduate without having met the standards for the Functional Skills Training test.

Lowering the standards simply to accommodate a woman into the field is not the right choice to make. While it is true that an extremely small amount of the FDNY are women, there are other ways to fix this issue. There are other women who have passed the Functional Skills Training test and are fit for the physical demand of being a firefighter. By allowing Wax to graduate, these other women are being grouped with her and the significance of their achievement is lessened.

The physical test is extremely tough and unforgiving for good reason. In a real life scenario there’s no room for second attempts or mistakes. If someone does not meet those requirements, then they are not fit for the job. While her dream may be to be a NY firefighter, standards and regulations in the field come first.


Equality Quotes By: Joe Oliveto

For this post, I would like to share some quotes about equality.  All of the quotes below will be of well known people from the past, and present.  These quotes are inspirational and they also show the progress of our country.

Dump DOMA By: Joe Oliveto

For those of you that don’t know, DOMA stands for Defense of Marriage Act.  This is an act that was passed by the United States on September 21st, 1996.  This act prevents states from recognizing same-sex marriage as legal.  This applies even if every other state makes it legal.  Basically, with this act in place, same sex marriage could NEVER be completely legal in the United States.

This act actually goes deeper than just keeping same sex marriage illegal.  This act can also prevent same sex married couples from getting certain marriage benefits.  So, even if they are married, they are denied the marital benefits that some straight couples get. In the case of United States Vs. Windsor, this act was declared unconstitutional, yet it still remains a law.  The Obama administration declared that they would try to put an end to the unfair act.

People all around the country feel that DOMA is unjust, Read these letters: