Men’s Basketball VS Women’s Basketball By: Joe Oliveto

In our “Speak Up! Podcast” a topic has been brought up multiple times.  This is the topic of women’s sports.  Sure, boys tend to play baseball and girls tend to play softball but I would like to focus on professional basketball.

The WNBA is not televised nearly as much as the NBA.  Its very obvious that people care more about the NBA than the WNBA. There are no women in the NBA.  This is seen as a very sexist area in our society.

Women’s basketball is not taken nearly as seriously as men’s basketball.  The women do not dunk and the games score much lower.  However, what people don’t realize is that women are more strategic in the game of basketball than men are.  It is harder to score because they play better defense.

This being uncovered, you would think that more people would watch the WNBA but people don’t.  This is because it is hardly shown!  There are very few people who know anything about the WNBA. On any sports channel, its rare to see.  Maybe its time to watch some Women’s basketball!

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Considering Unisex Restrooms By: Joe Oliveto

There has been much controversial talk about keeping restrooms unisex.  As we all know, most places including bars, restaurants, stores, and concert halls have two bathrooms.  One is for men, and one is for women.  However, it should not be this simple.

The article below organizes a list of the pros of unisex bathrooms.  All of the points are very valid.  However, there is another point I would like to make.  There are many different genders.  Male, female, queer and bigender are a few.  So, why are there only two types of bathrooms?  Rather than make fifty different bathrooms, the answer is quite clear.  There should be one unisex bathroom!

Imagine, associating with a different gender other than male or female.  You’re out in public and you need to use a restroom.  It is offensive and confusing to decide which restroom to use.  To avoid further confusion, restrooms should all be unisex.  It would spare feelings, save time, and make the world a more understanding place


Bruce Jenner called brave, inspirational by transgender equality leaders By: Variety Staff

By: Deanna Parasconda

As a lot of us know about Bruce Jenner opening up to the world in his recent interview with Diane Sawyer about being a woman. It is safe to say as to what I have seen on my own twitter that many people seem very accepting that Bruce Jenner is transitioning into a woman. In the article the National Center for Transgender Equality executive director Mara Keisling says, “Stories like Jenner’s help change the narrative about who transgender people are. Millions of Americans now have a bridge to understanding the truth behind the struggles of being transgender in 2015 America. To Jenner, welcome. To Jenner’s family thank you for your touching and compassionate support. And to America, let’s all push past this trans tipping point together and change the world. We extend out deepest thanks and welcome to him.” I really do agree with what  Mara said. I think that because of Bruce Jenner coming out it will help other transgenders come out as well. People seem to be so much more understanding about transgenders now than they were back then.

In the article GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement, “By sharing this story, Bruce Jenner has shined a light on what it means to be transgender and live authentically in the face of unimaginable public scrutiny. Though Jenner’s journey is one that is deeply personal, it is also one that will impact and inspire countless people around the world.”  This is sooooooo true. So many people see Bruce Jenner as such an incredible athlete and even a great person. He is truly going to help so many people by telling his story because he is such a big public figure. He is going to help not only transgender but also help people be who they really are. He hid his true identity for so long, inside he knew he was a woman since he was little.

I have been noticing that there have been more shows that have transgender people in it. Such as Orange is the New Black and Transparent. These shows will help transgenders be who they really are. I feel like they know they aren’t alone and will want to stay alive if they see more and more attention on the topic which seems to be happening.


Advocates still pushing for gender wage equality on Equal Pay Day by Louisa Moller

By: Deanna Parasconda

Up until this day, Men still get paid more than women that have the same occupation as them. This article is about a woman named Carolyn Treiss who wants there to be more gender wage equality. The author brings up National Equal Pay Day. National Equal Pay Day is the day when women’s wages catch up to what men were paid the previous year. Supposedly women in Connecticut make 78 cents for every dollar men make.

Treiss talks about how the debate about women’s wage equality is not about choices but women are more likely to take low paying jobs to support a family. There was a study that found 18 out of 19 professions in Connecticut, women earn less than a male working the same exact job. Occupations that were found to pay men more than women were surgeons, chief executives, and elementary and middle school teachers.

I have a lot to say on this topic because it’s not fair. There are women out there who have to support their family by themselves as a single parent. It’s not fair if she gets a job and gets paid lower than a man who just started like her. It is a law that needs to be changed. Theres no reason for  a man to be getting paid more than a woman who is doing the same exact thing at the same experienced level as well. Carolyn Treiss is supporting two bills which is making their way through Connecticut’s legislature which can make men and women more equal in their workplace. One bill is to prevent employers from requiring their employees to stay silent on their wages. Another bill supports paid family and medical leave. I hope eventually more states will have bills to make wages fair.


Tough Genes

People in this generation are filled with low self-esteem. This poem speaks volumes to me and can relate to millions of people who do not feel comfortable looking or being their natural self.

Interviews about Equality.

By Deanna Parasconda

So I interviewed two of my really close friends, we were in the car traveling out east together that’s why you can hear the car. We also tend to laugh a lot and aren’t clear but everyone messes up in life. There happens to be multiple of mess ups (sorry). The main point of interviewing them though was to see how people outside of the community learning class think about equality. We always talk about these topics in class and I wanted to get other peoples perspective on it. The outcome of the interview is what I expected though. Most of the answers to these questions were answers I expected to get. Here are the questions just in case you can’t hear them from the loud noises.

(1.) Why do you think people can’t just accept that people will always be different from each other?

(2.) Do you think males get paid more than woman that do the same exact job?

(3.) Do you think it’s harder for an African American to get a job compared to a Caucasian person and why if so?

(4.) Do you think there will always be discrimination in the world?

(5.) On a scale 1-10, how badly do you think people still discriminate?
(6.) Have you ever seen someone get discriminated in front of you by their skin color?
(7.) If so, why do you think this happened?
(8.) What is a way we can stop a person discriminating someone?
(9.) Has someone ever said a mean comment to you while you were working? (Such as the way you looked, if you’re doing your job too slow, etc. )
(10.) Why do you think people think they are better than other people?

“Egypt honors mother who dressed as man for 43 years to provide for family”

By: Rob McCartney

This article is about the 64 year old mother, Abu Daooh, who had to dress and act as a man in order to support her family. After her husband passed away, she had no means of making money because of the local culture. In poorer areas of Egypt, women workers are generally not accepted in society, so she decided to disguise herself as a man and enter hard labor jobs. She found jobs in nearby villages shining shoes or making bricks, the men around her unaware of her true identity. Even after 43 years of doing these kinds of jobs, she continues to work to support her children and grandchildren.

On Tuesday, March 17th, Abu Daooh was recognized by the Egyptian government and was honored as the “ideal mother”. While I do think she deserves this recognition for all the hard work she has done, the Egyptian government is ignoring a large issue with this story. A woman having to disguise herself to preform menial jobs in order to support her family should not be considered “ideal”. Women should be able to make a living without having to change who they are.

While women are allowed to work in Egypt, lower class areas still tend to exclude women from working or receiving an education. This is an issue that needs to be resolved, Abu Daooh herself saying “Thanks to everyone who has helped me. I hope to see Egypt in a better situation”. The Egyptian government is ignoring the gender inequality in poorer areas and seems to be doing nothing about it. This is an issue of culture rather than laws, something needs to be done to change the way women are treated and perceived in Egyptian society. Hopefully this article will help to spread awareness of gender inequality in Egypt and lead to better treatment for all Egyptian women in the near future.

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